Truck Driver Medical Examiner Florida

Why Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Are Required To Have a Medical Certificate?

Since 2014, Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers who drive interstate are required to have a Medical Certificate. A Medical Examiner for Truck Drivers in Florida must complete training about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s physical qualifications regulations and advisory criteria, and pass a certification test to be listed on the National Registry.  Most intrastate Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers in Florida also require medical certification, which Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle refers to as a Med Card.

Even though an examiner is qualified to perform a Truck Driver Medical Exam, an effective, experienced examiner will remain up to date on the requirements and potential disqualification issues. Examiners who do other things aside from certification exams may find it difficult to keep up on the Truck Driver Medical Exam requirements which can lead to errors and unnecessary cost and delays. Transportation Medicine only performs certification exams so you will not have to wait for a medical emergency to be handled or sit next to a sick patient. We know the requirements and potential disqualifiers and work with applicants to ensure they are seen efficiently and effectively.

The applicant must complete the Form MCSA-5875 which can be downloaded here:

The blue sections are for the applicant to complete, and the examiner completes the green sections. The first section, Personal Information, should be completed as accurately as possible. The question “ID Verified by” refers to what identification the candidate will use when at the examiner. Note that photo identification like a driver’s license or passport are the preferred documents for this. The next sections ask about health and medical history. Applicants should complete this information as thoroughly as possible, but if unsure about what to document, we can assist applicants with how to explain their condition(s) most effectively. In the medication section, be sure to list the name, dosage, and frequency of medications.  Include over-the-counter medications and supplements as well. If the answers to any of questions 1 to 32 about driver health history are yes, provide an explanation in the relevant box. Again, our examiner can assist you if needed.

During the examination with a Medical Examiner for Truck Drivers in Florida, height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse will be measured. Visual acuity will be measured so applicants should be sure to bring their lenses even if they may not need them. The minimum visual acuity required to receive a medical certificate is 20/40 in each eye individually and in both eyes together. There is an alternative way to qualify vision if one eye fails the initial test, so be sure to go to a knowledgeable examiner if you expect to have trouble with one of your eyes. Hearing will also be tested so the same holds true with hearing aids. If a candidate fails the “whisper test”, which is a whispered voice at a distance, a formal hearing test called an audiogram may be required. A test of urine will be completed which tests mainly for protein, blood, and sugar. Protein or blood in the urine can be signs of kidney problems and sugar in the urine can be a sign of diabetes Because these conditions can impair the ability to drive, testing is done for them.  Finally, the examiner will perform a physical exam checking all body systems.  Again, the focus is for any problems that could interfere with driving.

If an applicant is deemed safe for a Commercial Driver’s License by the examiner, the examiner will enter the candidate’s information into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration online system. The examiner will print the Medical Certificate and provide it to the driver.  Drivers need a new Truck Driver Medical Certificate Exam at least every 2 years.  In some circumstances, an examiner may issue a certificate that lasts less time due to a medical condition that requires more frequent monitoring or evaluation. Examples of conditions that will be certified for less than the full 2 years include mental health disorders, diabetes, and seizure disorders.


Another important timing factor for the Truck Driver Medical Exam is waiting time after a medical problem. It is important to know how long after a medical issue a candidate must wait prior to receiving a medical certificate. Some common conditions and their wait times are heart conditions, brain conditions, and diabetes. An experienced examiner knows the correct wait time for each situation so it may be useful to reach out to the examiner once a medical issue stabilizes to discuss how long to wait before coming for an examination.

If you have questions about getting a Medical Certificate for Truck Drivers, including wait times before having an examination, potential problems you may have passing the examination, or medical issues that may require documentation, feel free to call us at (727) 648-2402 or email us at